Thermal Spraying

Thermo-spraying is a high-tech process for the creation of functional surface coatings with specific material for different requirements. 

It consists of spraying a metallic or non-metallic melted material, with high speed on the surface to be recovered, thus resizing it to its original dimensions or protecting it against the environment, as the case may be. 

Through this process we recover vital pieces of industrial machinery, damaged or worn, surpassing in many cases the original standards of the manufactured piece. 

This process is described as the projection of molten material particles against a base material. These particles are fired at speeds higher than sound and embedded in the substrate and between them, thus forming a dense coating, strongly adhered to the base material and with a hardness generally greater than the base material itself. 

With this process we can recover a wide range of mechanical engineering equipment. A cost-effective and fast solution avoiding costly replacements.

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