LDC Selective Brush Plating

Brush plating, or selective plating, is a cold metal coating process to put new metal on scratched, worn out, corroded or damaged surfaces. Brush plating can be used selectively on areas that are scratched or damaged avoiding unnecessary costs. 


  • Cold process, no thermal distortion on the base metal
  • Plate to desired tolerance
  • More that 70 different metals to choose, for different applications
  • Excellent bonding strength allows grinding, machining etc
  • Dense deposits, good for corrosion resistance
  • Fast build up capacity compared with tank-plating

  • Electroplating can be done, on all conductive surfaces
  • Portable equipment, makes it possible to repair onsite.

Some of the most common repairs are worn out areas on shafts, crankshafts, cam shafts, engine blocks, bearings, rollers, turbines, cylinders amongst others.

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