We offer a wide range of crankshaft recovery services including:

  • Crankpin Machining – we can repair worn or damaged crankpins with our orbital machines. Our in-situ machining services can be carried to OEM tolerances and surface finish specifications. 
  • Main Journal grinding
  • Crankshaft annealing – we can recover crankshafts with our unique annealing heat treatment to reduce hardness values and enable re-machining and less diameter reduction. This process is carried out by using heating blankets, insulation and a specific programme is calculated to the control unit. This process can typically be carried out in 30 hours. 
  • Crankshaft straightening – when a crankshaft has suffered from overheating it is possible that the crankshaft would have suffered and in some circumstances bent. Our technicians can straighten the crankshaft in-situ by ‘’peening’’. This is a cold process and will bring back the shaft back to its original straightness enabling us to save the crankshaft. 

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