Line Boring

We offer an on-site Line boring service for large stationery equipment such as diesel engines that cannot be easily removed from site. With our specialized portable equipment, we can tackle any job in record time reducing your downtime, ensuring considerable savings. We can ensure a reliable cost-effective solution to your worn or damaged engine blocks, gearboxes, main bearings, turbines, camshaft pockets, Stern tubes, Hinge pin bores, ‘A’ Frames, rudder stocks, Pintle bores, cylinder blocks, Engine bedplates, compressor casings, steam, gas and hydro turbine casings, stator frames, coupling holes and others.

We count on the latest portable boring and facing equipment with highly trained and experienced engineers to tackle all of your needs.

Also, we are available on short notice 24/7.

Do you need some of our services?Contact us, we will gladly assist you.