On-Site Mechanical Engineering

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About Us 

Metalock Caribbean is a company registered in the island of Grenada.

We offer on-site mechanical engineering repairs and solutions throughout the Caribbean region.

Our qualified, experienced technicians can mobilize at short notice reducing downtime and ensuring your equipment is back in operation as fast as possible.

Metalock Caribbean is a certified member of the Metalock International Association.

The Metalock International Association (MIA) is a worldwide network of specialist engineering companies. It was formed in 1953 by 14 companies who recognized the unique engineering potential of the Metalock process. MIA now has member companies covering over 70 countries worldwide. Unique in the field of industrial and maritime repair, MIA exists only to promulgate; knowledge, understanding and high-quality applications of the Metalock technique. They do this by providing training for Engineers and Surveyors, along with seminars and conferences.


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Casting Repair Process

The Metalock process, known as metal stitching, is a unique rapid and permanent method for repairing cracks or for joining pieces of broken cast metal components without welding.

Cold casting repairs carried out by Metalock International Association (MIA) members are superior to welding in the case of crack-sensitive metal. The repairs can take place in otherwise hazardous conditions for welding and cause minimal disruption to operations.

Each repair only requires equipment that can be carried by hand and is generally completed in a matter of days and can typically restore the strength of the equipment so that it will continue to operate to full specifications.


On-Site Machining

Crankpin Machining

Line Boring

Metalock Stitching


Thermal Spraying

LDC Selective Brush Plating

Machine Shop Services

General Mechanical Services


Marine Services 

In addition to our main service lines, we also carry out extensive on-site work in the Maritime and
Offshore Industry.

– Marine Surveys and Evaluations – Certified Marine Surveyors available anywhere in the Caribbean.
– Engine Overhauls – trained engineers for all your mechanical requirements.
– Metrology.

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